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—代表取締役社長 高橋謙次

We love guitars, music and music lovers. We are always making best efforts to contribute to the field of music. It would be our great pleasure if you could enjoy music with our guitars and we could make you happy even for just a short while in your life.
The  workshop staff from across the nation are excessively fond of music. We cut, shape and grind wood and build our favorite instruments. Especially you who love music, we would  like you to play our instruments.
T’s Guitars is in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture. The city is almost located in the center of Japan. Shiojiri, surrounded by Japanese Alps and other mountains, is a beautiful place  with clean air and clear water streams.
We are building each guitar with the greatest care from Shiojiri to the world.
Kenji Takahashi  CEO & Master builder

T’s Guitars Co.,Ltd


会社名 有限会社 ティーズギター
所在地 〒399-0702 長野県塩尻市広丘野村1871-1  大きな地図で見る»
電話 0263-54-3190
FAX 0263-54-3850
定休日 土.日.祝祭日
代表者 高橋謙次
設立 1985年1月
事業内容 楽器製造、販売